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Being an affiliate marketer has allowed me to build a business around the things that matter most to me. There's no better reward than helping people transform their lives with a top-notch online business education program relevant to today's digital world.

 The Truth about my Journey to Affiliate Marketing: Revealing the 10 Exclusive 'No Brainers' for beginners 

so What's a Traditional Business?

Why Smart Business People are Embracing Affiliate Marketing 

More and more people are achieving greater flexibility and freedom between work and life with what is better known as the 'work-life balance'.

So in this article I share my experiences and insights for beginners wanting to start an Affiliate Marketing business. 

But with such a change, there's always obstacles, niggles, doubts and fears about the unknown and especially what gets in the way of our achievements.

Me? It took 5 years to transition from the "Traditional" to Affiliate Marketing. And my God, I won't lie - it was painful getting there!

 Mind you, not all the pain came from the fear of the unknown and self-doubt - it's natural to have those feelings when starting something new. 

No, what got in the way was ME, stupidly believing people's rebuttals. I allowed myself to get influenced by statements such as "Why you wasting your time...?" or "Are you sure this hasn't been done before" or here's one that always comes up, "There's so many people out there already doing it....take the easy route and just do a 9-5!". 

Listening to them at my own detriment was exhausting. It lead to wrongly questioning my abilities, doubting if I was really on the right track and dangerously coming close to going back to the traditional way (thank goodness I didn't). 

But that's when Affiliate Marketing blew this falsehood apart! It gave me hope, as I discovered how simple it was, all of it starting with some free video workshops. Looking back on it now, it was a 'NO-BRAINER'!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the traditional way - It gave me a very good living while it lasted. And there's a lot my family and friends still working in that system. It works for them, even though they may have limited time, flexibility or freedom in their daily life. 

I spent 26 years running a traditional business! At the end, it wasn't for me and therein lies the compelling reason to make that change. Before I dive into the nitty-gritty, let me share with you the events the lead me to the same point where you're probably at today. 

These are my boys and me, recently, in much happier times. But it wasn't always like this!

It all started with a cyber-attack on my food business in August 2018 wiping away everything I built over the years. That lead to not just losing my business, but also my paycheck, home and marriage. My relationship with the boys got really messy and suffered hugely. 

In the mass confusion, somehow, I realised the setback was an opportunity and a signal for change. I wanted to be there for them (something I missed over the years as they were growing up) and repair the damage that had been done. 

But to be able to have time, starting over again with another traditional style business was a non starter!

I had to do something that would work on autopilot. A digital business that works for me, generating a monthly income by itself, as I invest valuable time and effort in the one thing that matters to me the most.  

With limited funds, I still managed to go in and out of numerous online training programs. If I’m honest, the learning provided was great and that alone was worth the experience. But for me, that’s where the upside ended. They're exactly that - JUST training programs. I was seeking for something so much more. I wanted my hand held by experts while following a step-by-step training in setting up my online business.

You see, I’m a sucker for persistence. Even through the rebukes and rebuttals, I still managed to launched 3 digital businesses (a virtual courier company, a dark (kinda digital) kitchen and an online coaching business). I should've realised after the first failure it wasn't working. None of them met my ultimate criteria of creating more time - It was blatantly obvious, there was something missing! 

Working hard is what I knew! I didn’t know any other way. What I needed was to find a new way - a smarter way!

That's when a Youtube Ad caught my attention about Affiliate Marketing. The video offered me the same intro training you could access in the button below. It'll introduce you to a ground-breaking marketing strategy called Authority Marketing and a walk-through on how this strategy universally applies to all the different types of online businesses out there, including Affiliate Marketing. And all of it starting with just a laptop and internet connection. (....more on Authority Marketing below)

Now you may think it looks too good to be true. I certainly did! After all, I mis-trusted most things after having lost it all. So, I procrastinated, thinking that I was being cautious. 

And Oh boy - What a mistake!

Fast forward a year and three failed online businesses later, it was a blood sucking 9-5 that finally broke the donkey's back!  

In desperation, I decided to come back to investigate the intro training again and immediately felt like a fool for having overlooked it in the first place! I've gone on to invest in some top-notch education and have never looked back. 

Read on for the Upsides, Downsides and Bad-Sides of the Traditional vs Affiliate Marketing or hit the button below to learn more about working online right away!

Wrapping things up...

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing - My Personal Journey:

For me, without question, family is priority. Having the flexibility and making time for them is at the core of that priority. As kids grow older and become more independent, OUR personal needs, growth and satisfaction starts to take centre stage. I know, I'd want to make the most of any learning opportunities that come my way. 

It's not that my kids don't need me anymore - But rather they need me in a different way. I'm grateful to have found an online business that flexes on autopilot as my relationship evolves between me and the boys. 

It's fairly obvious! So without insulting anyone's intelligence, it's the good old-fashioned way of doing business - a physical brick-and-mortar model . Whether it's a retail shop, restaurant, or service-based business, traditional businesses operate from a physical location, serving customers face-to-face.

Running a traditional business involves more moving parts. You need a physical storefront, stock, staff, and overhead costs. You're responsible for everything from inventory management to customer service. It's a hands-on approach that requires dedication and hard work. 

Below is the traditional business I founded and used to run in a previous life.....

OK! What about an affiliate marketing Business then?

Affiliate Marketing is like being a virtual salesperson. You promote someone else's product or service, and when someone buys through your unique link, you earn a commission. It's a hands-off approach to entrepreneurship, where you don't have to worry about stock or customer service.

The growth opportunity for Affiliate Marketing globally is phenomenal: The global Affiliate Marketing industry is currently worth more than $17 billion. 

"Experts predict that by 2027, it’ll reach a market size of $27.78 billion, an expected increase of 63% over the 3 years."

The global interest over time in Affiliate Marketing has exploded.

upsides, downsides & Bad-sides 

Traditional Upsides....

  • Physical presence: There's something special about having a physical storefront where customers can walk in, browse, and interact with your products or services.
  • Full control: As the owner of a traditional business, you have complete control over every aspect of your operation, from pricing to branding to delivery.
  • Personal touch: Building relationships with customers face-to-face can lead to loyal, repeat business. It's all about creating memorable experiences.

Traditional Downsides....

  • High startup costs: From leasing a storefront to stocking inventory and hiring staff, the initial investment for a traditional business can be substantial.
  • Overhead expenses: Rent, utilities, insurance, and other overhead costs can eat into your profits, especially during slow periods.
  • Limited reach: Unlike the global reach of the internet, traditional businesses are confined to their local market unless they invest in costly expansion efforts.
  • Time-consuming: Running a traditional business requires hands-on involvement, from managing employees to handling day-to-day operations. It can be demanding and time-consuming.

And The Traditional Bad-Side....

For me, it was feeling trapped on a non-stop hamster wheel with no down time, no flexibility or freedom. I found myself firefighting an endless series of employee, stock and customer service problems. 

No time for family and no time for personal stuff.......

Affiliate Marketing Upsides....The No-Brainers!

  • No-Brainer #1: Small Risk & Big Reward: With Affiliate Marketing, there's no risk of stocking product and it not selling. You just share knowledge about someone else's product or service you believe in (through like an ad, article or blog) and earn commission when they buy the offer through your affiliate link. Look at it this way: it's a minimum investment with maximum return model!
  • No-Brainer #2: Flexibility & Independance:  It was THIS that captured my attention and why most people find their way to Affiliate Marketing. The onus is on you! You get to decide how to plan your day, whatever your profession. Whether you're a young parent or an older parent, like me, you have unparalleled opportunity to live the life of your choice, prioritising what matters to you the most.  All you need is a laptop and internet connection to manage your business from anywhere.
  • No-Brainer #3: Passive Income Possibilities:  Let your business work for you and not YOU work for your business! This is what I LOVE about this model - It earns as you sleep! I got my first sale while sleeping on a plane, travelling to see my kids on the other side of the world! After a one time setup, your marketing system does all the heavy lifting as the income steadily flows in 24/7. What's even better, with the right training and your back end system optimised, you can scale up things for uncapped income possibilities - it's all in your control. 
  • No-Brainer #4: No Previous Skills Needed:  Yes, I know it's too good to be true - It's why most people don't believe it. It's what surprised me too. But trust me - it's true! Anything is possible with the right training and the right dedicated expert support. You'll be taken by the hand with no online skills to launching a profitable business in as little as a few months (I launched my affiliate business in just 8 weeks!) - Important Note: It's NOT an overnight get rich scheme!
  • No-Brainer #5: No Social Media Presence Required: This is a big misconception! It's one I misunderstood also. Like most people in our community, I wanted to build trust with my customers and maintain my privacy at the same time. I was really pleased to see that is the case with Affiliate Marketing! By not being on Social Media won't stop you having a successful Affiliate Marketing business. Again the choice is yours!
  • No-Brainer #6: No Need To Invest In Stock: Like I mentioned at the outset, you don’t need to buy any stock. There’s no risk of getting stuck with unsold products or products running out of date.
  • No-Brainer #7: More Control Through More Choice: As an Affiliate Marketer, you get to choose which products or services to promote. You can aim for big profits by focusing on a high ticket product or service. Plus, you can use different ways to spread the word, like articles, blogs or social media, either for free or by paying for ads. Again, it's your choice!
  • No-Brainer #8: Join The Digital Goldrush: This REALLY is a big one! With an estimated 2.64 billions shoppers online in 2023 alone, there has never been a better time to re-skill and leverage the digital boom. The opportunity is huge!
  • No-Brainer #9: Your Skillset Is Your Asset:  Learning online skills opens up many opportunities, and digital skills are in high demand. Whether you want to work for someone or be your own boss, leveraging these skills makes you a desirable and valuable hire. 
  • No-Brainer #10: Geographic Freedom:  With a laptop and an internet connection – you can work from literally ANYWHERE. What I love about this lifestyle is I can go quad biking on the beach with my boys in the afternoon, after dedicating a couple of hours to my Affiliate Marketing business in the morning. Again, your choice when and where you want.

Affiliate Marketing Downsides....

  • Too Much Competition: More people are turning to Affiliate Marketing to make money remotely. But with so many others doing the same, it can be tough to get noticed. However, with proper training and an effective Authority Marketing strategy, it's totally doable (I've done it myself!).
  • No Control Over Delivery: Being an Affiliate Marketer means you don't decide what you sell. So if the product or service disappoints, it might affect your reputation. So, choose your products/services and partners wisely, and aim not to put your eggs in one basket - spread the risk!
  • Commission Changes: Sometimes, companies lower the commission they pay to Affiliate Marketers, which can affect how much you earn. Do your homework and promote companies you've personally used, love, and trust to minimize risk.
  • Fluctuating Earnings: Just to be aware, your earnings as an Affiliate Marketer can change based on how well the product or service sells, market shifts, and other external factors outside of your control.

And Affiliate Marketing's Bad-Side... 

There are many scams and poor return on investment (ROI) schemes out there!

Many companies don't offer good returns, support, or resources to their Affiliates. Affiliate Marketing seems promising, but watch out for scams that claim you'll get rich quick — it rarely happens and it'll hurt your pocket!

BUT, I got lucky, I learnt Authority Marketing through a top-notch education program, introduced to me through another Affiliate member in the community. Unlike other schemes, you're much more than just an account number. They'll guide you to Prepare, Launch & Grow your real online business, whether it's Affiliate Marketing or any other online business model - The choice is yours!

Remember, you only have to set up systems once and earn big rewards around the clock on autopilot.....I made my first sale while on a plane, 30,000 feet up in the air!

Inside Look: Unveiling The Full Disclaimer!

As it's the start of your journey, it's highly unlikely that a free intro training alone could help build a profitable Affiliate Marketing business or any other profitable online business, for that matter! 

I know how tempting it is to jump right in because let's face it is an exciting prospect, isn't it? 

I would recommend using the free introductory training as a foundation of learning - Trust me, if done in the right way, it will prove to be very beneficial up ahead.

The First Steps: How To Begin Your Affiliate Marketing Journey:

Like so many, my journey began with the FREE intro training I just spoke about a minute ago and you can start there too. 

In the free intro training, you'll learn:

  • All aspects of an online business, not just Affiliate Marketing. 
  • You'll be taught the ground-breaking Authority Marketing strategy and how it will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. 
  • You'll experience the worldwide community (which includes me) of 'go-getters' from all walks of life, all on the same path. 

Reading the article, I'm hoping, you'll feel safe and confident that you're in the right place before investing your time and money in a paid program. 

If you're willing to give time and commitment, you will experience the fruits of your labour, just like I've done. Success for me came from the world-class resources, the step by step training, and expert mentoring, which I have no doubt, you'll learn more about in the free intro training.

So what've you got to lose? 

Click the link below for the training that opened my eyes to a new and smarter way of doing business in order to reconnect with those I love – What you'll learn will completely inspire you and totally change the way you see the digital landscape! 

What keeps me grounded, is the daily reminder of my Affiliate Marketing business that helped me reconnect with my children. 

So, I'd recommend to carefully weigh up all the things discussed above. Hopefully this article has brought a bit more clarity in helping you to go forward. 

Without it being too obvious, I've become a huge fan of the Affiliate Marketing. It's a refreshing change from the traditional way. What took years to setup, I've managed to do in weeks . By investing in myself, I’ve been able to apply the universal skills creating digital assets and now building other revenue streams in areas of interest that are very close to my heart.

Meet the Go-Getters: A Community of Like-Minded Achievers:

It's a lot more than just a training program. By joining you plug into a world-wide community of like minded individuals who are using the same training to build their dream online businesses. It's anything and everything the imagination can create: from an e-commerce store selling specialist rucksacks, to a subscription based choir business, to an enginuative way to remarket and rejuvenate a B&B impacted by the pandemic in Portugal. 

And let's not forget those of us wanting to keep it simple, selling other companies products/services via Affiliate Marketing. 

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." - Barack Obama

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The simplicity of this flexible model is an entrepreneurs dream come true. If you partner up with a High Ticket Affiliate Program and get the marketing right, you’ll have a high profit online Affiliate Business allowing you to have flexibility and freedom while the business runs on autopilot.

Getting started in Affiliate Marketing is straight forward. You find a product or service you believe in, sign up for their Affiliate Program, and start promoting through your website, blog, or social media. It's like being an online matchmaker, connecting buyers with products and services they'll love.

The education offered is a 360 degree approach with many options open to build something that you love for the right reasons and with the right strategy - The Authority Marketing Strategy. It exceeds far beyond the bog standard of a ‘how to’ online training being offered by other schemes.

It's a place where your hand is held every step of the way. You'll enter this world as a digital novice just like most of us. But over time, you could end up running a 6 to 7 figure online business like many in the community. (Me? I'm not there yet, but this is closest I've ever been!)

Learning And Earning Through Authority Marketing: The Real Impact of The Affiliate Education

Authority Marketing is a cutting-edge strategy enabling you make more money in less time, by working smarter not harder. It’s about embracing today's digital world by leveraging the power of online marketing systems to automate selling any product or service to any target audience anywhere in the world.

The free intro training covers the 6 steps to learning and earning with Authority Marketing:

So WHAT'S Authority Marketing?